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Hello Sim racer, My name is Marco Fintelman. I was born on November 23, 1987, in Rhede, the Netherlands. As a child, I was already a fanatic sim racer, so I started racing on my father’s old Pentium computer with the game Grand Prix 95. My father then made a Formula 1 steering wheel himself from wood with elastics and a potentiometer around it. He made the wheel compatible with Grand Prix 95, resulting in that I was hooked. I was already a huge fan of Formula 1 and Michael Schumacher was my idol. I dreamed of getting into motorsport myself, but unfortunately, it never happened. But Sim Racing was always my next best thing. In all those years, so much has changed in Sim Racing. From gear-driven steering, to belt steering from Thrustmaster to now in the present time the Direct Drive of SimuCubeFanatec or Simsteering 2Sim Racing is my passion and I’m very fortunate that I have turned my passion into my job.

I would like to make all sim racers enthusiastic with the beautiful products that are available from SIM-LAB rigs to Playseat F1 chairs. I also want to easily provide all professionals with high-end professional products such as the Direct Drive steering from SimuCube and FanatecSim Racing is now more than a hobby, it has grown into a huge platform with hobby riders to real E-sport drivers who already earn money by driving online championships within iRacing. Every professional racing driver uses a simulator for training purposes. Games like iRacing Assetto Corsa and Project cars or Rfactor have laser scanned circuits to make the games as real and realistic as possible. With Virtual reality and D-box motion or next level motion you can make a virtual racing car in your living room. With the Load-Cell pedals from Heusinkveld you can ideally find your braking points. Due to the enormous speed of the load-Cell technique, the pedal reacts 1 to 1 in the game. Many pedals used to start with a potentiometer that reacts significantly slower. Ricmotech came up with LoadCell kits for these pedals.

Sim Racing is now more than just playing a game, it goes further than that. Anyone with a racing wheel can now participate in competitions and make his or her dream come true for the real lucky ones and the best E-sports drivers including Jan Mardenborouga also known from the program The World’s fastest gamer has become a real racing driver thanks to Sim Racing. Former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean has also started his own E-sport racing team to allow digital talents to flow to the real Circuit. Here in the Netherlands, you can also go to the KNAF motorsport, they have found their way to the digital circuits and you can even obtain your digital e-sports license with them to drive at the top. Of course, we all know Max Verstappen, he drove his digital laps for the Team Redline, before he races in his Red Bull car, he first drives a few practice laps on the digital Circuit in his custom made Playseat F1 cockpit with the LM-X or GPX steering wheel from Precision Sim Engineering, you can also purchase a cockpit from us, namely the FI Ultimate (Formula intelligence ultimate cockpit) from Playseat.

With Sim Race Webshop I want to provide all beginners and advanced/professional drivers with the best Simulation products. All under one roof! With very fast delivery times. We know better than anyone how quickly you need your Simgear! Because of course, you want to be ready when your online competition starts. I have been the specialist in Simulation Racing for more than 10 years, previously started with Wheel Stand Pro and Mardo Media, which was already a household name in the Sim Racing industry! I am now back with Sim Race Webshop. Many will still recognize me from that time! With Sim Race Webshop we want to control the entire Sim racing industry worldwide. Every driver deserves the best and needs 1st class products to become the best. We supply you with the right hardware, you only need the talent to breakthrough.

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