playseat formula intelligence

Experience the real thrill of racing with the Playseat® Formula Intelligence!

The Playseat® Formula Intelligence gives a new dimension to simulation and offers the ultimate racing experience. The new, advanced chassis does not bend and has been developed to provide the most realistic and authentic single-seater racing experience. The seating position can be adjusted to simulate the most realistic seating position for various single-seaters. Positions are possible for: F1, IndyCar, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula 4, Formula Ford, Formula Renault 2.0, LeMans and LMP1 seating positions. The Playseat® Formula Intelligence is compatible with almost all racing wheels and pedals, but we recommend using professional and direct-drive wheels and pedals. Together with the right steering wheel and the right pedals, the Playseat® Formula Intelligence offers a true monocoque experience and perfect control over the digital racing world.

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