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Samsung monitors

Make your Cockpit compleet with our range of Samsung gaming monitors!

Make your sim race cockpit now compleet with our range Samsung gaming monitors. We provide Samsung as one of the best all-in solution to make your dream cockpit real. If you want 3 monitors or 1 monitor 49″inch ultra-wide version. We can say this is the best combination to play your Race Games in high definition. What you need is fast response and the highest resolution to make your Race game as real as possible. The most monitors have a 144hz response what you need to play your game without a delay. The odyssey G9 have a response time we call it super fast to until 240hz and 1MS response. As a sim racer you naturally want your steering wheel to match what you see on the screen. We provide Samsung as the best match for your Sim Racing cockpit.

The rating of at Webshop Trustmark Reviews is 9.2/10 based on 1225 reviews.

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