Sparco QRT



  • EVO / EVO L / XL
  • Bucket Seat
  • Carbon

Dispatch: 1 to 14 business days!


613,11 Incl. VAT (506,70 Excl. VAT)

  • QRT Evo (SKY)
  • Bucket seat
  • Black

Dispatch: 1 to 7 business days!

Fiberglass seats (QRT technology)

Designed and developed in Italy by Sparco, the QRT technology is designed to generate the world’s lightest fiberglass frames and define the characteristics of the sports seats of the future. With this technology, Sparco sets new benchmarks in seat performance by reducing unit weight by 30% compared to previous seats, enabling unprecedented mechanical strength to weight ratios in fiberglass sports seats.

The rating of at Webshop Trustmark Reviews is 9.2/10 based on 1231 reviews.

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