Ascher Racing B24L-SC Button plate

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Ascher Racing B24L-SC Buttonplate

  • Button plate for racing simulators with a realistic feel and size
  • Magnetic shift paddles for lightning-fast gear changes
  • Easy to use and easy to assemble
  • Programmable buttons

Build to win: Ascher Racing B24L-SC Button Plate

The Ascher Racing B24L-SC relies on first-class engineering to lead you to victory. The entire housing is made of milled aluminum and assembled with high-quality components. The result is a sports steering wheel that gives you the feeling of holding a steering wheel from an original racing car in your hands.

More functionality and optimal control

The two button plates, B24L-SC and B24M-SC, offer more functionality with two 7-way joysticks. With a total of 24 inputs, including 8 pushbuttons, 2 7-way joysticks with pushbutton functionality and 2 pushbuttons surrounded by button guards, they enable comprehensive control. As is typical for Ascher Racing, you can configure all buttons, switches and controls according to your wishes for your racing simulation. Even the shift paddles can be individually adjusted.

High-tech paddles and lag-free communication

The high-quality aluminum alloys from which the shift paddles are milled allow the switching sensitivity to be individually adjusted using various magnets and spacers. The wireless data transfer between the SimuCube 2 Wheel Base and the Ascher Racing B24M-SC and B24L-SC Button Plates takes place without lags. An optional receiver is available for SimuCube1 Wheel Base users. The battery in the button plate only needs to be replaced after two to three years.

Optimized for Simucube 2 Wheelbase

The wireless Ascher Racing Button Plates B24L-SC and B24M-SC can be mounted directly on the Simucube 2 Wheel Base without an adapter. For users of Simucube1 or compatible wheel bases, a snap-off hub or a quick-release adapter enables the connection to the Ascher Racing B24M-SC and B24L-SC button plate. The mounting hole circle is 6 x 70 mm for easy and precise installation.

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Ascher Racing B24L-SC Button plate

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599,00 Incl. VAT (495,04 Excl. VAT)

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