Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Wheel Base DD1 PC (Windows) and XBOX One

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Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Wheel Base DD1 PC (Windows) and XBOX One

The Direct-Drive Revolution

In the late 90s, force feedback technology changed the world of sim racing completely. Now we welcome the Direct Drive era, taking force feedback realism to the next level.
Outrunner Motor Technology


Podium wheel bases use an outrunner-type motor engineered from the ground up specifically for sim racing. Instead of using a random industrial motor, our custom motors are tailored without compromise for sim racing.


This heavy piece of solid metal is engineered with German precision and built to last for many years. This is the last wheelbase you’ll ever need!
German Design with up to 5 year warranty

Direct Drive Without The Hassle

It’s all in the details. Our thousands of design hours mean that you can just drive and enjoy.
Wireless Data and Power


The endless rotation of our direct drive motor inspired the development of a unique solution to transfer data and power to the wheel inputs and displays wirelessly. This means no USB cables are flying around which can easily get damaged and make it difficult to let the wheel spin in a drift.


The Podium DD1 is the first plug-and-play direct drive wheelbase, featuring integrated electronics within the main housing. It’s as easy to set up as our CSL and ClubSport series products. Rigorous EMI and ESD testing ensure stability and longevity.
Fully Certified, Plug and Play

Ready for the Future

Not only is the Podium DD1 fully compatible with the existing Fanatec ecosystem, it’s also prepped for future upgrades.
OLED Display


At the front of the housing sits an OLED display. This provides endless opportunities not only for tuning your wheel base, but also includes features for advanced users, displaying real-time motor and force feedback data. Check the temperatures, torque curves, and avoid force feedback clipping. Too complicated? Just enjoy the graphics.


Our proven automotive grade QR has been upgraded with a new locking system, retaining compatibility with all existing Fanatec steering wheels, while also being completely interchangeable. All-new wheelbases and steering wheels will have changeable quick releases; in the future, you will have the option to upgrade to a new QR system.
Full backwards compatibility


  • Custom-designed servo motor designed by our engineers and the first direct-drive motor optimised for racing simulator applications.
  • Outrunner-type motor achieves outstanding peak torque of 20Nm, matching the torque output in most real race cars using power steering.
  • Motor acceleration and speed remain at the highest level, even with heavy steering wheels.
  • Ultra-low torque ripple ensures minimal mechanical distractions and the same smooth experience as in a belt-driven wheel.
  • Wireless QR technology: Wireless transfer of data (infra-red) and power (inductive coupling) between the motor and quick release means no external cables between wheelbase and steering wheel, and no need for batteries inside the wheel.
  • Rotation: 2520 degrees (electronically limited, adjustable).
  • Integrated 2.7” 256×64 resolution OLED display.
  • Podium wheel bases include advanced telemetry features in the OLED display for real-time motor and force feedback data such as power output, FFB clipping and more. (Motor/FFB telemetry pages are for short-term analysis purposes and not for continuous use in racing.)
  • Standard Tuning Menu allows beginners to get started quickly without having to worry about settings.
  • Advanced Tuning Menu allows enthusiasts to fine-tune the force feedback characteristics to suit their driving preferences.
  • Support for advanced dual-clutch bite-point mode.
  • Integrated electronics within wheelbase housing, no external control box required.
  • The electronics ensure extremely low latency to provide immediate feedback from racing simulators.
  • Fully certified with CE, FCC, C-Tick, ROHS and all other certificates required by law, ensuring that this product does not interfere with other electronic devices.
  • Torque Key allows users to lock/unlock the DD1’s full performance.
  • All existing and upcoming Fanatec peripherals are fully supported.
  • Choose from a growing selection of Fanatec steering wheels in many different styles and price/quality levels.
  • Firmware can be updated with new features.
  • Fast 1000 Hz USB update rate.
  • Ultra-low latency due to integrated electronics and highest quality components.
  • Allows connection of two external shifters (e.g. H-pattern and sequential) in parallel.
  • Mount for ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles and other optional accessories.
  • Connection ports for peripheral devices: USB, Power, Pedals, Shifter 1, Shifter 2, Handbrake.
  • All-Aluminium housing.
  • Exchangeable brushed aluminium cover plates.
  • Supports Fanatec 3-hole mounting pattern (bottom mounting) and side mounting. Hard mounting to a cockpit is highly recommended due to the high amount of torque.
  • Full Fanatec SDK support ensures game compatibility out of the box for all major racing games across all platforms.
  • Combines with FanaLab software for PC.
    • Connect external devices to network for displaying telemetry data like speed, lap times, brake temperatures, tachometers and more.
    • Support for major PC racing simulators
    • Control your Upgraded Fanatec Tuning Menu settings and presets directly from the software.
    • Save game-specific settings to PC software, which will be applied when the game is launched.
    • New FFB tuning features, e.g. speed-sensitive dampening.
  • Automotive-grade Quick Release system with expandable rubber damper
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Optional 5-year warranty.



  • PC: This wheelbase is compatible with PC in combination with all available Fanatec steering wheels.
  • Xbox®: This wheelbase becomes compatible with Xbox One® and Xbox Series X|S when used with any Fanatec Xbox-licensed steering wheel.
  • PlayStation®: This product is not compatible with any PlayStation® console and cannot be upgraded to achieve compatibility.



Additional information





PC, XBox One Ready

USB update rate:



Minimum 15NM / Maximum 20 NM

Rotation angle:


Port connection:

CAN, Data, Emergency Stop, Handbrake, Pedals, Shifter 1, Shifter 2, Torque Key

Table clamp:



2.7" 256×64 OLED

Kill switch:


Cover plate:

Brushed Aluminum

Display modes:

Clipping, FFB Telemetry, Wheel Base telemetry

Tuning Menu via Steering Wheel:


Rev Lights on the Wheel Base:


Adjustable spring:


Adjustable ABS vibration:


Adjustable braking force:


Adjustable drift mode:


Adjustable FF strength:


Adjustable sensitivity:


Adjustable Shock:


Quick Release:


Cooling system:

1 Fan

Mode Button:


Force Feedback drive system:

Direct Drive

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Fanatec Podium Direct Drive Wheel Base DD1 PC (Windows) and XBOX One

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1.199,95 Incl. VAT

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