Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition

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Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition

“The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car, it’s the one who refuses to lose.”

A common passion for simracing merges into one product: the Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition powered by Heusinkveld SmartControl Software.

If you’re looking for pedals that help you to be both quick and consistent, look no further. Years of experience and all new testing methods have been used during the development of this innovative top-of-the line simulator product: the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition.

The Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition are a strong, compact and highly adjustable design with the main parts made out of CNC precision laser cut steel, intended for your home-use simulator. Mathematical models were made to accurately calculate pedal travel and force curves, predicting with great accuracy how each pedal behaves in different configurations.

The Team Redline styling has resulted in a significantly different appearance compared to the regular Sim Pedals Sprint. All metal profiles have a RAL9005 Black fine-structure powder coat or a bead blasted semi-gloss metallic look. Red styling cues can be seen on the metal coil springs and all pedal plates carry the Team Redline logo.


The pedals include all new concepts for bearings and pivot points in order to minimize unnecessary play. Automated testing routines have been used to simulate up to 1 million duty cycles.

Durable load cells measure throttle and clutch position and force applied to the brake. Unlike designs with rotary potentiometers, load cells provide true linear output in relation to your pedal output. They are insensitive to dust and dirt and do not wear out, resulting in unmatched accuracy and durability over time.

Custom developed and EMC tested electronics make sure each pedal responds instantly and accurately in your favorite simulator software. The included SmartControl software allows easy configuration of deadzones, brake force and customize (non-linear) pedal output curves.


Smooth, accurate and greatly adjustable, the throttle pedal gives you excellent control over any race car. With five pedal travel settings, adjustable pedal force curve, spring preload, pedal angle and pedal height you’ll be able to set up the throttle exactly to your liking.

The graphs below show the effect of the force curve (left) and preload adjustments (right).


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Sprint pedals





Maximum Brake Pressure:



CNC precision laser-cut steel


Anthracite / blasted




2 Years

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2 pedals Trottle + Brake, 3 Pedals (Trottle + Brake + Clutch), Clutch

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Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition

Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition

134,00799,00 Incl. VAT

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