Ricmotech Load Cell Kit for Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals (Plastic) – V2

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Ricmotech Load Cell Kit for Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals (Plastic) – V2

Do you want to improve your lap times? The load cell upgrade helps you get there by upgrading the brake pedal on your Thustmaster pedal set from a travel sensitive potentiometer based pedal to a force sensitive based load cell pedal. The extra effort required to apply maximum braking force will help you better modulate braking force. We have used the same technology used in our famous load cell conversion kits for the Logitech G25 / G27 / G29 / G920 and Thrustmaster T500RS / T3PA-PRO pedals and adapted it to work for the T3PA standard pedals. The pedal has a firm yet progressive feel and reads up to 50 pounds (22.5 kg) of pressure on the pedal face. This kit fits the T3PA standard pedals which can be purchased separately or included with the T150-PRO, TMX-PRO, T300RS GT Edition, T300 Alcantara Edition, TX Leather Edition, TS-XW Wheel and T-GT Wheel.

If you’re looking for a load cell upgrade kit designed to recreate the feel and response of a real race car braking system, you’ve found it. The LC3 load cell kit is designed to mimic the pedal movement and resistance of a high-performance braking system to recreate the ultimate in realism. The kit installs cleanly and discreetly into the pedals and all wiring remains internal to eliminate any possibility of damage. The kit even includes a spare silicone canister. Installation requires the metal bracket and mounting screw from the original “conical brake mod” that comes with the pedals.

When the brake pedal is under medium to full braking load, the pedal remains at a stable height to allow downshifts from heel to toe without disturbing the vehicle’s balance. Unlike the original aftermarket bushings and bumpers, the load cell provides a linear response to your braking effort; 50% more power = 50% more braking power.

Load cell vs conical brake mod

The T3PA pedals include a factory-supplied “conical brake mod” designed to feel like a load cell. Don’t be fooled! This device makes the pedal feel firmer the further it is pressed, making it more difficult to move. However, the pedal still uses a potentiometer and still reads movement instead of force. So while the game determines braking by how far the pedal has moved, the “conical brake mod” prevents the pedal from moving, creating a disproportionate amount of in-game braking in relation to the force applied to the pedal. A load cell corrects this. The load cell replaces the potentiometer and turns the pedal into a purely force-based measurement. Therefore, any extra force on the pedal translates directly into a proportional amount of braking force applied in play. This leads to better control over the brakes for better braking distance on the track, resulting in better lap times.
The upgrade kit contains all the parts needed to complete the installation, the load cell with integrated electronics, mounting bracket, screws and two silicone bushings. All of the components in this kit fit neatly into your pedal assembly to protect everything from physical damage. Detailed instructions are provided with the photos to guide you step by step through the process. No soldering skills are required to complete the installation, everything comes ready to assemble and plug in and can be removed at any time to return your pedals to original.

Unlike other pedals that use inexpensive load cells originally designed for use on a postal scale, the load cell in the LC3 upgrade kit is a medical grade load cell designed to withstand much higher loads with faster response times. The load cell is designed to have an unlimited life cycle and its components are designed to be equally robust.

The LC3 Load Cell Kit is not manufactured or approved by Thrustmaster. The Thrustmaster name and T3PA name are owned by Guillemot Corporation and are used for reference only.

Additional information

Weight 0,056 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14 × 10 cm


Load-Cell for T3pa (not the pro)






Industrial precision load cell


CNC machined mounting adapter, not cheap 3D printed parts

Maximum braking pressure:

Maximum braking effect reached at 50 lbs (22.5 kg)

Accurate to:

+/- 1%

Withstands up to:

80 kg


Exponentially progressive feel


Wiring is completely in the pedal assembly. There are no wires protruding from the pedal


1 year

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Ricmotech Load Cell Kit for Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals (Plastic) – V2

Loadcell voor thrustmaster t3Pa pedalen

199,95 Incl. VAT (165,25 Excl. VAT)

Out of stock

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