Sim-Lab P1X Pro Sim Racing Cockpit (excl. Seat)

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Sim-Lab P1X Pro Sim Racing Cockpit (excl. Seat)

The P1X Pro is the all-new ultimate version of our most successful cockpit ever. No compromises are made when it comes to rigidity, functionality and design. Heavy duty profiles combined with a new structure that uses pre-drilled holes and sandwich plates provide extreme rigidity for a zero-flex experience with the strongest of direct drive wheels. A dedicated mounting option for direct drive wheels, included side-mount for shifters and handbrakes and integrated monitor mounts that perfectly complement the cockpits design make it complete as the perfect sim racing base.

An extensive design process has conceived a cockpit that is inspired by todays generation of class-leading racing cars. Not only will the P1X Pro provide the ultimate platform for your simracing endeavours, but also introduce a piece of motorsport into your home.


  • Extreme rigidity for flex-free racing
  • Motorsports-inspired design
  • Dedicated wheel mounting options
  • Side-mount for accessories included
  • Seamless assembly with pre-drilled holes

Next-gen design

For the P1X Pro, the goal was not only to offer the ultimate simracing platform, but to create a cutting edge design that brings a piece of motorsport into your home. The design is inspired by the poised, balanced and futuristic look of todays class-leading racing cars.

Extreme rigidity

The P1X Pro is the evolution of a cockpit known for it’s excellent rigidity. With the Pro, we have gone a step further by combining heavy-duty profiles with an enhanced structure. Universal corner brackets are now replaced with bespoke sandwich plates and pre-drilled holes. Another advantage is a much easier and quicker assembly!

Dedicated wheelmounts

Dedicated wheel mounting options ensure the best possible solution for each wheel base. The front/side mount for offers the maximum leg room and rigidity for Direct Drive wheels with front mounting holes like Simucube as well as all Fanatec DD wheels. The wheel deck option is the most flexible option, allowing virtually any wheel base to be mounted on it.

Versatile side-mount

The P1X Pro is equipped with a very sturdy side-mount, allowing you to easily attach your handbrake/shifter and customize the placement of your favorite accessories.

Compatible with your gear

Here our very own XP1-Pedals are on display but don’t worry, the pedal deck as well as the wheel mounting options offer very widely supported compatibility with virtually any wheel base or pedal set. For more information, please check the compatibility section below.

Compatibility Wheel deck version

Fanatec Podium DD wheels DD1, DD2, CSL DD, DD PRO
Fanatec Clubsport wheel V1+2+2.5
Fanatec CSL Elite steering wheel
Thrustmaster wheels (T500RS, TC-PS, TS-XW, T300RS, T-GT)
Logitech G25, G27, G29, G923
AccuForce V1 + V2
Moza Racing R5 Bundle
Moza Racing R5 Wheel Base
Moza Racing R9 Wheel Base
Moza Racing R12 Wheel Base
Moza Racing R16 Wheel Base
Moza Racing R21 Wheel Base
Moza Racing Handbrake
Moza Racing Shifter
Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive

Compatibility Front mounting version

Fanatec Club Sport Wheels
MiGe 130ST (small, big)
Bodnar 50 series
Lenze MCS12 series
AccuForce V1
SimuCube 2 Sport, Pro, Ultimate

Compatible Pedals

Sim-Lab XP1 Load Cell pedals
Augury Pedals 121 (with Augury baseplate)
Asetek Invicta
BJ Steel F1/GT
Fanatec Clubsport V3, Inverted V3
Fanatec CSL/CSL Elite Pedals LC
Fanatec Elite pedals
Heusinkveld Pro, Sprint, Ultimate, Ultimate+
Insim Talento
*Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920
Meca Cup Pedals
Simagic P2000 Pedals
SimCoaches P1-3
Simtrecs ProPedal GT
SimWorkx Pro pedals

*Thrustmaster T500RS, TX/T300, T-LCM, T3PA, T3PM

VRS DirectForce Pro

*Both the Logitech and Thrustmaster pedal sets are mounted from the bottom. To be able to mount these to the P1-X pedal deck, additional corner brackets are required. Please refer to the manual of your pedal set to determine how many additional corner brackets you need.


Wheel mount
Front mount or Wheel deck or Fanatec DD1, DD2 or Fanatec CSL DD, DD PRO
1350 mm x 680 mm x 780 mm (L x W x H)
60 kg
4 to 6 boxes

Download schematics
Klik here

What’s included

Aluminium profiles and mounting materials

Wheel deck mount or front/side mount

Brackets for the front mount wheels

Pedal deck

Side mount for accessories

Bolts for mounting seats and peripherals

Adjustable feet set


P1X Pro Integrated Single Monitor Mount

P1X Pro Integrated Triple Monitor Mount


Seat brackets and seat slider

Additional information



P1X PRO sim racing cockpit







Wheel mount:

Fanatec DD, Front mount, Wheel deck

Monitor stand:

Integrated Single, Integrated Triple, None

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  • 5 / 5
  • 5 / 5

Based on 2 ratings

Reviewed by 2 users

    • 6 June 2024 11:11

    Great rig all together and a lot of options to cutomize this rig.

    • 31 May 2024 09:35

    Great quality, no flex while using 15Nm wheelbase and relatively easy to build!

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Sim-Lab P1X Pro Sim Racing Cockpit (excl. Seat)

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