Simucube PRO R2 direct drive wheel base + REXING MAYARIS V1.1 – 4 paddles (dual clutch)

Direct Drive

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Simucube PRO R2 direct drive wheel base + REXING MAYARIS V1.1 – 4 paddles (dual clutch)

The Simucube 2 Pro direct drive wheel offers the serious sim racing enthusiast a fully immersive, realistic driving environment. With some of the latest high-fidelity industrial electronics, the responsiveness, and accuracy at any torque level are astonishing.

Forget you’re in the simulator thanks to Simucube TrueDrive technology and progress your driving just like a Pro driver would.

New R2 version with 1x450W power supply.

Upgrade your track driving experience

What really strikes most sim racers who upgrade from their belt or gear-driven sim racing wheels (such as the Fanatec CSL Elite or Logitech G29) is just how detailed and clear the force feedback is through a direct drive wheel. You are connected directly to a high-torque motor, making all the tiny track details and the movement of the car clear. Changes in direction can happen almost instantaneously but your inputs can be concise and just as quick. Hustle your racing car to the pole and enjoy every minute of your race!

The Simucube 2 Sport is a great wheelbase for someone upgrading to their first direct drive wheel experience. You get all the high-quality componentry we all expect from Simucube, just at a reduced price point.

Make a start in your competitive journey

While the Sport is at the lower-end price point, there is nothing low-end about it. This wheelbase is based on the same high-end technology that its bigger counterparts are built with. Get the same competitive advantage and enjoy the racing much, much more.

Get the natural sensation of a high-end direct drive wheel without the hassle.

If you’re into iRacing, Assetto Corsa, or any of the other popular sim racing platforms, Simucube’s TrueDrive software has a tuning preset ready to go. Just install the drivers and get driving!

What’s included?

– Simucube 2 Pro wheelbase
– 1 x Wheel Side Kit
– 1 x Power supply (R2 Single PSU Update)
– Cables
– Stop button
– Mounting bolts for front mount

Installation and Drivers

This wheelbase is ideally suited to an Aluminium cockpit with high levels of rigidity. We recommend the F-GT Elite which comes with a flat mounting plate that is suitable for our wheel deck mount. Try the Heusinkveld Sprint pedals to complete your setup.

The excellent and highly intuitive TrueDrive software is used to automatically update your firmware, and save tuning profiles specific to your car and your sim software.

Useful links, drivers, and manuals

Simucube Forum

Standard warranty

24 months

REXING FORMULA WHEEL – MAYARIS V1.1 – 4 paddles (dual clutch)

Rexing formula steering wheel is used as an add-on wheel for PC games and simulations featuring:

Full carbon fiber body 

4.3″ USBD480 LCD display compatible with popular sim racing software applications such as Simdash, Simhub, and Z1 

11 RGB LEDs, 6 additional marshals RGB LEDs: all configurable to telemetry data. Adjustable brightness and a wide variety of colors to choose from. 

10 illuminated, dimmable push buttons, each configurable to any telemetry data with the possibility to have more than one condition assigned to any button and to choose priorities among the conditions. Their brightness can be adjusted, whereas their color is fixed and can’t be altered. Pushbuttons are a high-quality “Apem” brand with an actuation force of 3.5 N and push travel of 1 mm. 

2 x 8-position switch: 8-position switch labeled “Brightness” which can be used either to adjust the brightness of the LEDs or as 8 additional inputs second 8-position switch labeled “Extra switch” with 8 inputs (can be used to map functions such as TC level, ABS level, Engine map, Regen map, etc.) 

Multi-switch, which functions simultaneously as a rotary encoder, a digital joystick, and a button 

6 thumb rotary encoders: 2 upper “Alps” brand thumb encoders with a softer click and 4 “Elma” brand encoders with a more sturdy and defined click 

Potentiometer for clutch bite adjustment 

Polyurethane rubber grips 

Tempered glass display cover 

Aluminum knobs 


Magnetic paddle shifters 

Hall sensor clutch paddles, the single axis with bite point adjustment 

OPTIONAL: Third set of paddles, each with dual action (possible to push it and pull it – with firm center position, providing a total of 4 configurable positions on just 2 paddles) 

Aluminum hub on the back – accepts 50.8 mm and 70 mm wheelbases and quick releases (for example Simucube, Fanatec Podium Hub, and others) 

Non-proprietary connector on the back of the wheel (easy to replace or make your own cable) 

High-quality USB spiral cable included 

Requires powered USB hub 

Included with each steering wheel: are self-adhesive labels for push-buttons, and various additional labels for customization 

User manual download
LCD drivers download: USBD480_installer_win10.exe
Software for RGB LEDs and pushbutton LEDs:
The LCD requires an additional app to show data from the game. Choose between:
• Simhub
• Z1
• SimMonitor from Simdash
• Joel Real Timing
• or other USBD480 compatible apps.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 40 × 24 × 24 cm






Maximum Torque:

25 Nm

Max. Torque slew speed:

8.0 Nm/ms



Simucube Wireless Wheel ™ - Support:


Simucube Quick Release ™ :

Not included

Torque reconstruction processing:


Static force reduction:


Natural damping, inertia and friction filters:


Ultra low latency mode:


Adjustable torque slew rate limit:


Non-linear force saturation:


Super Fine tuning filters:


Factory Calibration:

Multi torque cogging + ripple

Angle sensor resolution:

22 bit

Disconnect power button:

Stand ard(premium optional)

Power supply:

1 x 450 W

Physical dimensions:

130 x 130 x 270 mm

Fixing holes:

M8 x 4 pcs

Screw bolt Cartridge dia:

145 mm

Flange center hole dia:

110 mm


PC (Windows)

Wheel type:



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Simucube PRO R2 direct drive wheel base + REXING MAYARIS V1.1 – 4 paddles (dual clutch)

Simucube PRO R2 direct drive wheel base + MAYARIS V1.1 – 4 paddles (dual clutch)

2.843,00 Incl. VAT (2.349,59 Excl. VAT)

Available on backorder

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